My name is Julia.


I’m mid-30s and started triathlon and endurance sports in 2012.  Not very long ago, I know!FullSizeRender

My love of sport has led me from quitting a pretty great job as a lawyer in a big City law firm in London, UK….

…to moving to West Palm Beach, south Florida with my ironman husband Tom, where we can train year-round and where we have come to set up a premium triathlon and endurance sports business, Magnum Multisport.


I’m also a big advocate of strong women for strong sport, and aim to practice what I preach as much as I can!  I’m proud to be an ambassador for 261 Fearless, Kathrine Switzer’s foundation to promote women in sport.

Please join me on on my rambles and our journey.  I warn you, I’m easily persuaded to try just about anything new, anything extreme, anything ultra!


So what do I do?

Everything!  My main focus is on endurance events:

  • Ironman
  • Half Ironman
  • Ultra marathons
  • Marathons

So far my all-time favourite events include the SVP100, which was a 104km trail race from Newmarket to Essex on the Stour Valley Path, and the Laugavegur Ultra Marathon in Iceland.

What’s happening in 2016?

So 2016 is a bit of a different year for us…. I’m reining in the racing and instead focusing on trying to stay fit while having swallowed a basketball… yup, we are expecting our first child this summer! A whole new set of challenges ahead!


How about you? I’d love to hear from you.


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