This morning I was meant to run an early morning intervals session of 9*800m at 5k pace, with 400m jog in-between each set.  That’s a tough session.

Instead I got up, played with my puppy and ate a grapefruit.

I say that so off-hand, but actually making the choice not to do the workout was a tough one.  11045389_873075352736017_1218951752553398124_n


The internet is full of memes, slogans, quotes etc like the one above, but I don’t think they are necessary.  Most competing athletes tend to do too much, I think, rather than too little.

It’s hard to know when to rest, especially when your training plan is hammering away.  I had a pretty killer track session on Wed night, which ended up being nearly 15km of speed work.  Thursday morning early I got up and ran my 70 min easy, or as I logged it – “dead man’s shuffle.”  While easy runs are supposed to be at an easy pace, I’ve run ultra marathons faster than I ran yesterday morning.

I should have taken yesterday off so I could have done a quality intervals session today.  But it is what it is, and tomorrow I have 20 miles to run and I am deeply weary and to put it simply, my butt is killing me from the 200m sprints we did at the track.  So I took a big breath and put my trainers back into the closet.  For today.

I’ll be back tomorrow.


Weekly Update – last week

Screen Shot 2015-03-03 at 08.04.15

Last week was a decent training week.  I got in two tempo runs, a track session, and a long run.

And some horse riding, as I mentioned last week!  I’ve had some questions on the riding, so if you’re interested:

  • My heart rate for a tempo run is usually around 175 bpm (beats per minute);
  • my heart rate for an easy run is around 130-145;
  • my heart rate while riding was around 100 when trotting and 120-145 while cantering.

This shows that riding – at least for me – is a good fat burning sport, but it really doesn’t burn a whole lot of calories compared to running or cycling.  Good for core strength, though!

February totals:  56 hours

Swim:  5 km / 2 hours 18 min

Bike:  323 km  / 11 hours 28 min

Run: 267 km / 24 hours 32 min

I’m always amazed at how marathon training (versus Ironman training) takes much less time overall, and yet I feel more tired… !


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  2. Thanks Jacob and Tammela!

  3. Sounds like a good call, Julia. It can be hard to suck up the pride and just rest – something I’m still working on but much better at than I used to be, thanks to my uni track coach’s ‘quality over quantity’ approach.
    Thanks for sharing the riding heart rate stats – it’s definitely gently cardio!

  4. I shall quote from the plan: “Finally, listen to your body … if you feel that a day off is the right thing to do, take that day off…. The odd missed run isn’t a big deal.”

    So, good call Julia!