We enjoyed our very first American Thanksgiving yesterday!

Thanksgiving isn’t part of the British calendar, so Tom has never experienced one before.  I’m originally from Canada so I did grow up with the holiday, but it’s in September in Canada and takes the back seat as a bit of minor holiday.  I also haven’t lived in Canada since 2003.

We started the day with a wonderful cycle, including a coffee stop (I’ve said it before – the best kind of rides!).  The sun was out, it was warm but not hot, everyone was out being active and enjoying the day off.  We cycled by the lake in Okaheelee and then discovered a bird sanctuary nearby (shhh, it said no bikes but we were only pootling):


image  image



Have I mentioned how much I am loving this SUNSHINE?!

We then joined my sister and her husband at his parents’ house for our very first full on traditional Thanksgiving meal.  It was amazing!  We ate it so fast we forgot to take a picture, but the table was overflowing with:

  • turkey for the meat-eaters
  • roast salmon
  • cranberry jello pudding !!
  • sweet potato with some sort of cookie crust!
  • cornbread stuffing
  • mashed potato
  • corn on the cob
  • green beans

And coffee, pumpkin pie and chocolate pecan pie for pudding!


We all went out for an extended family pootle on the bikes after stuffing ourselves:




Today is, I gather, something called BLACK FRIDAY which is all about shopping at ridiculous hours.  We cycled off at 5:30am to do our regular intervals session around the mall (sounds strange, I know, but actually it’s a great 2km track loop that is generally traffic-free at that hour) and it was FREEZING COLD.  There was a lot of car traffic at the mall this morning – who are these crazy people?!


Is that a perfect track or what?



It was 8 C (46 F) and I had to get out all my usual UK winter layers!  Good thing Rapha did a free repair on my winter tights after my crash this year!  We lost feeling in our hands and feet so before heading home we had to warm up with some Black Friday coffee first!


Poor bikes didn't get to come inside!

Poor bikes didn’t get to come inside!



50km later (31 miles), we still hadn’t warmed up. Time for a fire!  Who says winter doesn’t come to Florida?  🙂


What are your Thanksgiving traditions? We don’t have any yet, but I suspect a good bike ride and/or run will become a staple!

Do you do Black Friday?  Did you snag any good deals?  Maybe if there had been a bike shop doing a bonanza… !


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  2. Thanks Tammela, and good to hear from you! I’ve always been inspired by your blog! Glad to hear the running is going well!

  3. Julia, I’m so glad you got to experience your first proper American Thanksgiving! It’s my favo(u)rite holiday and I always miss home at this time. Loving your blog and it’s getting me excited to start upping my running again.