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When I was training for Ironman Lanzarote, I followed a very strict training plan from Don Fink‘s book, Be Iron Fit.  I had never followed an actual set training plan before, but I felt like I needed to take the full Ironman pretty seriously.

I did the 30 week “Competitive” training plan.  It was pretty hard core, although I won’t dare whinge because I bet half of you are all following it too.  I was working full time in the City in London as an insurance litigator at a world’s top ten law firm, so it meant I had to fit things in pretty early in the morning to get it all done.  This usually meant a stint on the turbo trainer, a run to the office, a swim, or a combination of the three.  I was pretty adept at the quick change and my office did have amazing locker room facilities.

I just wore the suit underneath my sports kit, boom!

I just wore the suit underneath my sports kit, boom!


But now, with a full year’s worth of races behind me, including Miami Man Half Ironman 2 weeks ago, I’m not exactly taking it easy, but I am taking more of a laissez-faire attitude.  If it rains, I don’t ride, if I want to run, I run, and I’m not obsessing about mileage (OK, not as much as normal).  And, um, I’m not hitting the pool very often.


Week:  17 -23 November 2014

Mon:  Rest day!

Tues:  12km run in Zone 2 HR, avg pace 4:54 min/km (7:53 min/m).

Wed:  Track session with the Wellington Runners’ Club:  4*1000m w/ 200m jog; 1600m; 4*400m; 4*200m.  Longer sets at 5km pace, shorter sets at max.  Was meant to do a bike intervals session in the early morning but it was pouring rain.  First track session where I’ve felt a bit more like my old self, after running the SVP100 in August and taking some time off afterwards.

Thurs:  56km bike in Zone 1 HR, avg speed 26.1 km/h (16.3 mph), with a skills & bike handling session.  Including a coffee stop – best type of ride!  Yoga class in the evening.

Fri:  Run workout: w/u, 15 min tempo; 5 min jog; 8*(1 min hard, 1 min easy); c/d. 11km total.  The 15 min tempo was at 4:25 min/km pace (7:07 min/m) and the 1 minute hards were at around 3:45 min/km (6 min/m).  This workout was brutal and amazing.  I was supposed to do group bike intervals in the early morning, but it was pissing it down with rain so the session was cancelled.

Sat:  Group brick session with RW Training:  45 km with avg speed of 30.6 km/h (19.1 mph) followed by a 5km run at 4:45 min/km (7:38 min/m).

Sun:  Long run with the Wellington Runners’ Club, 23km (14 miles) at 5:07 min/km pace (8:13 min/m) and then another 4km easy when I got back home with some visiting friends, for a total of 27km.


TOTAL:  10 hours

Swimming:  Big fat NIL

Cycling: 101 km, 3h37

Running:  64 km, 5h30

Other:  1 hour yoga

How about you?

Do you follow a training plan?  After seeing how obsessive I got about the Don Fink plan, I’m not entirely sure they’re good for me!

What’s your favourite bit of training?  For me it’s really all about running, although I’ve recently fallen back in love with cycling.  Swimming is always a bit meh, which is ironic in that it’s always my best leg of the triathlon.

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