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This is Haile.

Haile at 10 weeks old

Haile at 10 weeks old

Haile is full of mischief and is the world’s biggest lover of other dogs (first) and people (second).

Haile at 8 weeks old

Haile at 8 weeks old, the day we took him home with us


10 weeks old.  He is always happy.

Haile is named after Haile Gebrselassie, the world champion marathon runner:

He is living up to his name.

Haile is a 4.5 months old whippet and he loves to run.  And play.  We chose a whippet because we wanted a dog who would run with us, but at the moment it seems that I’m spending all my time running with him!


Haile at 20 weeks

On Sunday, out of curiosity, I put my old Garmin 110 on his collar so we could see how far he goes when we go for a “walk.”  I walked 4km… he ran 7.5 km.  (We are lucky in that there is a large safe open space where he can run off-lead).  And that was after a dog park play session in the morning and a puppy play date in the afternoon.

I’ve started to log the dog walks (and runs) on my own Garmin, since it is time on my feet and it does all add up.  Tom was away so I was on single-parent duty with Haile all week and was rather amazed to see my walking and running with Haile amounted to 38 km and 7 hours.

That excludes the time we spent at the dog park, too (where he runs and plays with other dogs while I get to watch).

With Mavis, an English bulldog - she was born the same day and they have had play dates since they were 9 weeks old.

With Mavis, an English bulldog – she was born the same day and they have had play dates since they were 9 weeks old.


And yes, Haile has a heart on his side!

We don’t get any peace at home if Haile hasn’t had his walks/runs or dog park outings – he makes the rules.  No dog is too big or too small to play with.

Haile is still learning how to run on a lead, so my regular training runs are still solo.  On Sunday I headed out for a 24 km run, my first long run gearing up for the London Marathon.  I suffered.  It would have been a lot more fun if Haile had been with me – and I’m sure he will be this time next year!  I’ve just ordered a Stunt Puppy running lead so that will be the first step.

The Stunt Puppy lead lets you run hands-free


Do you run with your dog?


Weekly Update

Screen Shot 2015-01-25 at 19.19.32

Total time:  18:07 (misleading, as much of that was dog walking and yoga)

Swim:  1200 yards, 27:10

Bike:  164 km, 5:38

Run:  48 km, 4:32


Of particular note was a really great super windy group ride on Saturday along the ocean, and more to the point, the coffee afterwards.



Thank you Sinead Ferguson of Wellington Deep (and mother to Mavis) for the dog park photos!


  1. Tash asks about 15 times a day for a dog. I, too, really want a dog, but living in a flat in London with two full time commuting professionals is neither the time nor the place to have one. I have to be the strong sensible one and say no, we can’t have one. Your post really doesn’t help matters, reminding me how much fun having a dog around is.

    And a whippet is perfect for you guys, at least for the land-based activities. Glad you’re enjoying it!

  2. aww, such a cute boy . So glad our puppies have each other to play with