This is an update to my recent post on fast = sexy when it comes to male cyclists (scientific fact, apparently!).

My friend Daniel (who is also a very fast cyclist), pictured below zooming along at top speed, has suggested a sexy cyclist:

Daniel Russell = fast

No, he wasn’t nominating himself (we will wait for his wife to forward that suggestion), but MARIO CIPOLLINI as a sexy cyclist, going against the grain of my words that male cyclists aren’t identified as sexy.

This news flash is warranted mostly because when I googled Mario, like Victoria Pendleton‘s photo in my last post… this came up:

Mario Cipollini


At a time when @FiftyWomenToKona is rallying for support for women in triathlon, I say hurrah for a very small expression of gender equality!


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  1. Ahh, yes, Mario Cippollini, the man of the brilliant skin suits:

    (Also, a man Mark Cavendish pissed off… mind you, Cavendish tends to piss a lot of people off 😉 )