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I stumbled upon a great headline from the BBC from earlier this year:

imageWhen I googled “sexy cyclists”, all the images that came up were of women – and half were of Victoria Pendleton, the Olympic gold women’s cyclist who posed nude for glossy magazines.

Most people don’t think of male cyclists as sexy.  There is no David Beckham equivalent on a bike…nobody doing underwear adverts (unless you know of one, in which case please let me know in the comments!).  Why is it that men strutting around in skin-tight bike lycra isn’t considered as hot as say, the Olympic swimmers?  (Same thing, less lycra?!)

Mark Cavendish strutting his stuff


Ever since I first spotted my husband Tom coming back sweaty and dishevelled in his tight Helly Hansen base layer post-winter cycling, I’ve liked the lycra look.  And it seems that his speedy prowess on the bike may be the reason why.

Tom, sans lycra

Tom, sans lycra


The BBC article tells us of a scientific study that examined the relationship between perceived attractiveness and success in cycling:

Dr Erik Postma, from the Institute of Evolutionary Biology at the University of Zurich, asked people to rate the attractiveness of 80 professional cyclists from the 2012 Tour de France. The cyclists were all of a similar physical stature, were tanned and around the same age.

Around 800 participants were then asked to score the cyclist’s attractiveness based just on their facial appearances. Their scores were excluded if they recognised the athlete.

In brief, it found that women rated the better cyclists as more attractive, even though they didn’t see them cycling.  Apparently this athletic success is written across the very faces of these men.  That’s right:  the winning riders were also winning the ladies.

You can read the full article here.


And the top ten most attractive cyclists*, according to the study?

1.  Amael Moinard

2. Yann Huguet

3. Maxime Monfort

4. Andriy Grivko

5. Michael Schar

6. Martin Velits

7. Christophe Riblon

8. Adam Hansen

9. Rui Alberto Costa

10. Manuel Quinziato

*Mark Cavendish, pictured above, was excluded from the study because he was wearing sunglasses in his team photo.


My fast and attractive husband!

My fast and attractive husband!


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  2. Funny thing, I find most cyclists way sexier in their cycling garb than in street clothes. Andy Schleck, Mark Cavendish, George Hincapie, Fabian Cancellara, sigh… 🙂