The holidays have snuck up on us.

What my surroundings do NOT look like.

What with moving to another country, another climate, leaving my old job, getting a puppy, selling a flat, buying a house, starting a business, and training, it has been a busy few months and the time has gone by in a flash of heat haze.

Both Tom and I got hit by a bad cold that we picked up in cool California last weekend, which impacted our training and general joie-de-vivre.  I skipped the group intervals session and long rides and did my own thing instead, which included one of the best brick sessions I’ve ever had, never mind feeling poorly.  But today the cold has slapped me in the face with a big R for rest day, and sometimes it’s best not to argue.

Last week:

Screen Shot 2014-12-22 at 09.45.59

Total:  11h43

Swim: 51 min

Bike: 6h18, 186 km

Run: 2h19, 20 km

This included the Eggnog prediction mile on Wednesday night at the track, where we had to drink a cup of eggnog per 400m and predict what time we’d finish in.  I don’t work well with miles so I took a stab in the dark, going for 10:30, only to finish in 9:19 – but the winner predicted 10:00 and was bang on the dot!  Impressive! (Also, it was the hardest track session I’ve ever done.  20 x 200m?! with 20-30 seconds recovery.  It killed me.)

It also included the “Dog Jogs” which, to be honest, barely count as runs at all.  We’re trying to teach our puppy to run with us… slowly slowly!


Jumping for joy after my brick session yesterday. (Note the very holiday-spirit atmosphere.)

I miss winter for the holiday season – nothing like a frosty run, the crack of ice under your feet, the stillness of a cold night and your breath fogging and steam rising off you when you stop running.  But all in all, I’m loving how often I’m getting out on my bike and how much more fun it is when you’re not a coasting icicle on a bicycle (sorry, couldn’t resist).

In other excitement, we have gone from having 8 bikes in a small flat in London, to 4 bikes in a big suburban garage.  It’s pretty awesome.


image image



Those of you in London, or other major cities, will certainly appreciate this.

What are your holiday seasons looking like?

Do you like eggnog? NO!!!!


  1. Happy Holidays Julia! Sorry that you’ve both caught colds but hopefully in this beautiful weather you will recover quickly. I was hoping we would be able to meet up on our trip but having one car between me, Chris and my dad is proving difficult and I don’t really think we can leave the Orlando area… Chris is already eyeing up a trip for later in 2015 (I think I am converting him to Florida!) so perhaps we can meet up then!