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It’s Friday!

Fridays start with forcing our poor little whippet puppy out of his warm bed for a pee outside at 4:55am:


Haile: “Do you have ANY idea what time it is?!”


It is VERY dark outside…


I am pretty sure that this is the only time in the entire day that he really hates us.

Then we hop onto our Treks and head off at about 5:20 am to meet with the fantastic RW Training group.  It is dark.  So dark.  So so so dark.  Did I mention how dark it is?  We’ve just moved here from London.  London has so much light pollution that you could probably read your book outside and complete a paint-by-number and thread a few needles while you’re at it, all sitting outside at 3am.  But not here.  No.  We have moved to a semi-rural area and there are no streetlights, very little light pollution, and the darkness swallows you whole on your bike.




Tom isn’t bothered by it, but I have pretty crappy night vision and I struggle to feel comfortable drafting in a complete void.  So I can’t say I always enjoy the 11 km cycle to the beginning of the ride, but… rule 5!

We meet at 6am at the mall for our intervals session.  Carol, half of the RW Training couple, took a photo this morning before we headed off:


Ready to ride!


5*6 min intervals with 2 minutes rest in-between, for a total cycle of 51km and home by 7:30am.  Not bad!

How do you fit your training into your day?

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