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I’ve mentioned my husband Tom a few times already.

 2013_10_06_Royal_Parks_Ultra-0452 2013_10_06_Royal_Parks_Ultra-0444


(He is embarrassed about this post already.)

Tom rescued me when I crashed, he says “rest is best” when I say “more is more”,  and he has crazy bike skills.  Or should I say skillz?


Tom and I first met in London in 2003.  Neither of us did triathlon then.  Rock climbing and mountain climbing was more the name of the game:


Rock climb

Climbing in the Peak District, 2004




Climbing in Scotland, 2005




But from a small age, Tom was always a cyclist.  And with a rugby background, he ran.  It didn’t take much to venture into triathlon, and after several years of watching him, I finally joined in too.




Poole 3km swim race, UK



Royal Parks Ultra Marathon, London




In London, Tom ran a great bike shop, Cycle Surgery.  But in 2015 we are opening a premium triathlon shop in south Florida with customised bike fitting services.  And Tom knows what he is doing on a bike!



WK01 WED 4302

WK01 - SAT 1364

Wiggle The Long One 2013


Ironman Lanzarote 2014




Since I joined him in this madness, together we have completed 2 ultra marathons, 1 Ironman, 1 half Ironman, 1 marathon, 3 half marathons, countless bike sportives, and a 3km swim race.  And more separately, but the ones together are always fantastic.  We have both signed up for Ironman Florida and Ironman 70.3 Augusta in 2015, so lots more training together ahead!


Wiggle The Long One 2013

“The Long One” Sportive, Arundel, UK July 2003



Tom swims well, rides like a demon and is a good runner.  And he gets stronger and faster each and every Ironman.

Most of all though, he is my number one fan, my number one coach, and my number one inspiration!




Ironman Wales 2012



Who keeps you going when it gets hard? Tom, of course, but a number of other friends too!