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Yesterday due to a variety of factors (but mostly the cold), we wimped out of the group brick session.  But we still did our own thing once the sun came up.

We rode to the ocean!  I read those words and I pause and think, can it really be true?  Am I really living cycling distance from the ocean now?!  And yes, yes we are:


Living the dream!




We cycled up from Lake Worth to Palm Beach all alongside the ocean, a round trip of 85 km. Tom’s fancy biking skills captured the action along the coastline:  IMG_7021

All in all it was pretty perfect.

And today I cut myself some slack and ran with a friend rather than doing the club run, and it was a wonderful chatty  16km in the early morning sunshine.


Weekly Roundup

Mon:  Rest

Tues:  Brick session – 60.5 km bike in Z1 HR,  5km run in Z2

Wed:  53km bike with an extremely hard intervals session on the bike, 6*(4min hard, 1min easy).  The session absolutely killed me.  I was too tired to go to track  – which was a good thing, because I later found it was cancelled due to Thanksgiving anyway.

Thurs:  53km bike Z1, and after Thanksgiving dinner, a 13km pootle on the bike.

Fri: 50.5km on the bike with another hard intervals session, 8*(3min hard, 1min easy).  Got caught in an extreme rainstorm on the cycle home, drenched to the bone!

Sat:  Brick session – our wonderful ride to the Ocean in Z1, 85km, followed by a very uncomfortable 2km Z1 run where my body told me it had had enough.

Sun:  Z1 run, nice and easy with a friend, 16km.



Swim:  still nil!

Bike:  320 km / 200 miles, 12h29

Run:  23 km / 14 miles, 2h11

Total time:  14h 41 min


This was one of the lightest running weeks I have had in a long time, but I’ve upped the cycling so I think it evens out.


November in Numbers:

Swim:  4400 m

Bike:  801 km / 498 miles

Run:  170 km / 106 miles


What does it for you?  Ocean, mountains, flat, hilly?  I love it all!  But now we are in flat ocean land and it’s pretty good!  Although I wish we had more access to proper trails here for the running.

Do you have an off-season?   Sort of?  I’m experimenting.

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